Thank you for your interest in Hi5 Furniture! We've pulled together a list of our most frequently asked questions - feel free to browse our FAQs to find answers. Our goal at Hi5 is to find the perfect solution for every customer, living up to our motto - Custom is Our Standard. Every space is unique and our expert sales reps will walk alongside you to find a custom table design that will fit any personal or project needs. If you have more questions or would like to speak to with a Hi5 representative, don't hesitate to contact us today!

Where are Hi5 products made?

Hi5 is proud to provide furniture products that are all designed and produced in the U.S. We are based in the "Heart of America," partnering with local wood mills, steel plants, and factories throughout Kansas and Missouri. Our goal is to continue supporting local communities while maintaining true American quality with our hand-crafted tables.

Where can I find a showroom?

You can find Hi5 showrooms in several areas across the U.S with locations in Boston, Dallas, Houston, and Kansas City. Come visit a showroom to see and interact with our tables up close. Check out our showrooms page to find a location nearest you or contact a sales rep to learn more!

How do I contact a sales rep?

On our website, you can use the Find A Sales Rep tool to get in touch with a representative near you. With sales reps in nearly every state, we made it easy to purchase with Hi5. You can click on a state to view sales reps in the area and see their contact info. Feel free to give them a call or contact them by email with any questions you may have!

How many collections does Hi5 have?

Hi5 Furniture has 24 product collections, with more on the way. At Hi5 we love to innovate and design brand-new custom tables with different aesthetics and purposes. From your kitchen to the conference room or the diner to the lecture hall, our collections fit perfectly in any space. Below is a list of our current collections:

Can you help me with Ideas?

Our Idea Starters are used to help place our products in different settings. It can be difficult to imagine what a table might look like in your space, so we tried to make it easy for you. Each Idea Starter shows our custom tables used in various environments so that you can see for yourself what it they look like and how they fit in a room. Check out our Idea Starters page to get inspirtation for your space!