Bar Height

Hi5 Furniture offers Bar Height tables that provide a unique aesthetic and functional appeal. These tall tables are specifically designed to create a more casual and social dining experience, accommodating seating at a higher level than standard dining tables. Perfect for bars, pubs, restaurants, and other entertainment venues where people gather for drinks, conversations, and light meals, Bar Height tables offer a sense of intimacy and camaraderie among guests. Experience the unique aesthetic and functionality of Hi5 Furniture's Bar Height tables today!

NIM bar height tables, round, square, rectangular and extra-long


Afix cafe tables


Gateway bar height tables, round and square


three supreme bar height tables, 2 round and one square


Island Table in bar height Finishes Shown: Caramel Latte | Neo Walnut


Rectangular bar height tables from the Lincoln collection


Coby Square bar height tables - extra long

Coby Square

Coby Apron bar height tables

Coby Apron

Hi 5 furniture table - empire cafe - square, circular and rectangular


Union bar height rectangular table

Union 2.0