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Custom is our Standard

At Hi5 Furniture, we live by a four-word phrase, “Custom is our Standard.” It’s truly the guiding force for every system we employ and every product we create. No two offices--home or in an office environment--are the same, so customization is key. Each of our tables can be customized in a number of ways.

Colors & Finishes

When it comes to color, Hi5 tables span the spectrum. From the deepest red, to the most vibrant yellow, our tables are designed to match or compliment your space. Pair these colors with a metal, laminate, or wood finishes to add dynamism and flare.

Height, Length, Shape, & Mobility

Conferences, boardrooms, and offices have unique spatial requirements. Each Hi5’s table comes in various height options, able to accommodate table dwellers in sitting for business meetings or standing in casual settings.

Tables also come in various lengths. The Trestle table, for instance, has 13 lengths to choose from, making it a great addition to large, medium, and small conference rooms.

We take things a step further, offering multiple shapes for many tables. If you choose from our Coby Apron Collection, square or rectangular top options are available. If you choose from the aFix Collection for a larger setting, you can choose curved and straight tops. These only scratch the surface. Look at any of our table collections, and find the numerous options available.

Creating a flexible environment? Ask your Hi5 sales representative about adding wheels to your tables.

Power and Grommets

Every Hi5 table is designed with the option for power and grommets, so that you can charge your laptops, cellphones, or other electronic devices, making each a full-functional workstation. Laser cut holes make wire management simple, hiding those pesky cables and making for a trip-free zone.

When it comes to customization, Hi5 leaves no stone unturned. Your tables are unique to your business or school, so we’re excited to accommodate. We also maintain a standard for customer service, offering formal quotes, CAD symbols, renderings, design layouts, survey analysis and specification assistance on every project regardless of size.

Before you start your next project

Get tons of design inspiration for your space from Hi5’s Idea Starters. These real-world examples show you how our customers have been able to add style and function with each piece. Once you see something you like, our resources page provides all the specifications you need to know about a table. From there, contact your regional sales representative and we’ll help you get started.