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Stay up to date with Hi5 Furniture! We have the leg up in the table industry and from rustic to contemporary, we have an extensive line of finishes to fit your style or theme. Get to know us on a deeper level and appreciate our position in the industry through the news, events and blogs that demonstrate how we blend aesthetics and functionality in designing every piece. Custom is Our Standard and we welcome custom orders.

Our pieces are economical and versatile - read more about the use and what makes us tick! As an American manufacturer and a woman-owned business, Hi5 Furniture takes pride in our work and the staff, partners, designers and sales representatives that support all our efforts. 

Company Background

Hi5 Furniture Inc., is an award-winning, woman-owned manufacturer of high-quality, hand-crafted commercial tables located at 4304 NW Mattox Rd in Kansas City MO. The headquarters’ contemporary warehouse features an exhaustive space where the company’s engineers have access to state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and technological advanced quality assurance testing. Design, modeling, development and all processes are done within the facility to meet the top-notch standards that Hi5 customers have always expected, with the customization in products that keeps clients enthusiastically coming back. Along with the new warehouse, the company’s modern showroom is exceptional.

Designed with an open, museum-like aesthetic, the Hi5 tables are featured and interaction is encouraged - in an experience that designers and clients will enjoy. Potential clients are encouraged to interact with tables and view product details in ways that aren’t possible through catalogs or online stores. Hi5 products are featured Dallas, Houston and Boston showrooms. All products are engineered based on utilizing local vendor capabilities. In 2009 during a down economy, Hi5 introduced new business to several wood mills, steel plants, powder coating and custom fabrication factories throughout Kansas and Missouri. Hi5 is proud to preserve the tradition of hand crafting furniture in America. Based in the “Heart of America,” Hi5 is committed to advancing the lives of the people in the local community while maintaining true American quality.

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