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The Importance of the Perfect Conference Table

One piece of furniture that is almost always the central piece of equipment used for every meeting is the conference table. When choosing a designated conference room, some people put little to no thought at all into the design and furniture that fills the space while others overanalyze and over-purchase fancy chairs and gadgets. No matter which way you lean, the conference table you choose can have a huge impact on the way you conduct your business meetings.

Does Table Size Matter?

Nearly everyone has experienced an uncomfortable meeting environment at some point in their lifetime. There’s nothing worse than being forced to awkwardly crowd around a table that is simply not designed for a conference room. These uncomfortable situations cause distractions and minor annoyances that will make sure that nothing gets done. In order to ensure productivity in your meetings, you must choose the right table that is large enough to accommodate your team and designed for the perfect conference room scenario.

The Ideal Shape

Generally, enthusiastic business managers opt for straight, rectangular shaped tables because they are worried about being able to fit everyone in the same room. While there are many benefits to the rectangle shape, exploring a variety of shapes and designs could reveal a table that better fits your needs and expectations. For example, the U-shape table draws the attention of the room to the front for presentations and demos. A round table works for smaller, highly collaborative teams who thrive off of team equality. Or perhaps you may choose an all-purpose, oval-shaped conference table which spurs on creativity while clearly defining leadership roles in the room. Clearly, you’ve got options, and it all depends on how you want the meeting dynamic to function.

Good First Impressions

One last thing to consider that is often overlooked when choosing a conference table, is giving a good first impression. When anyone, whether a client or new employee, comes into an office space, they will mostly likely spend an hour or two at the conference table. Here they will wait, interact with you, sign papers, and establish an overall first impression of your business. You have an opportunity to ensure its a good impression by choosing the perfect conference table that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. To find the right table for your conference room, check out any of Hi5's collections and choose from a wide variety of modern, applicable designs.

Before Your Next Meeting

Make sure your next meeting is on a Hi5 conference table that spurs on creative minds and ensures productivity. Browse from our collections or modify a piece into custom design that perfectly fits your needs. If you're looking to get started, contact us today and we’ll help you find the right table for your team and your office space.