Hi5 Furniture, Inc
Contract Administrator: Dawn Yates
4304 NW Mattox Road
Riverside, MO 64150

Sales Contact:
Contract 1 Furniture
Colin McCall
770.595.4609 cell

Alabama State Contract #MA 999 17000000122 – T390

Term:  3/1/2017 – 2/28/2022 

Renewal: None


How To Order

Email PO to or via fax at 816.817.4910


Model Code


Alabama State Price along with Delivery Method Requested.

Orders must be placed by a state agency and must include the participating dealer name, dealer sales person name, address and contact phone number. Hi5 Authorized Dealerships cannot accept purchase orders.

Fax orders to 816.817.4910 or e-mail to

Questions? Call Hi5 Customer Service at 816.774.4050

Delivery Choices

NOTES: Transportation is FOB Destination. All freight charges are included in pricing. No small order charges or fuel surcharges are allowed.

DOCK DELIVERY is 54% off List Prices Dock Delivered: Items delivered directly to the User will be unloaded by the carrier and placed on the loading dock. If no loading dock, items must be loaded by the carrier and placed in a space immediately adjacent to the carrier’s vehicle at the delivery location

INSIDE DELIVERY is 52% off List Prices Items will be unloaded and delivered, in the shipping carton, to the User by the carrier and placed inside the door on the first or ground level floor of the building.

DELIVERED & INSTALLED is 48% off List Prices Open, set in place, ready for use, Dealer is responsible for receipt, inspection, and assembly of items delivered in the area designated by the User, as well as prompt removal and disposal of all debris which is a result of the delivery. The User shall be responsible for the immediate removal of any existing furniture from the area in which the contract items are to be installed.


Contractor: Hi5 Furniture, Inc.

Contract No. 4011034

Vendor No. 80025315300

Small Business – Woman Owned

Effective Dates: March 1, 2017 – February 28, 2022

State Term Contract: Furniture

Commodity Code: Contract 401B

Delivered and Installed Discount:

48% off list prices

Inside Delivery Discount:

52% off list prices

Dock Delivered:

54% off list prices


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